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Available daily for curbside pickup - contact us to make arrangements.

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Dave 204-995-8484

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MASTERFEEDS for poultry, horses, goats, rabbits, wildlife and more. See photos for product and price list.

We also have hay, straw, shavings, litter, livestock feed dishes, and some first aid products. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can try to get it in.

INUKSHUK PROFESSIONAL DOG FOOD - great dog food at great prices. If it's good enough for Iditarod dogs, it's good enough for our dogs!

26/16 for puppies & average-energy dogs $60 for 15 kg (taxes incl).

30/25 for high energy dogs $60 for 15 kg.

32/32 for very high energy dogs in work $70 for 20 kg.

HONEY - Unpasteurized, naturally-flavoured honey by John Russell (Manitoba). $8 for 375 flavoured varieties. $9 for 500 g nectar. Other sizes and products available to order.

EGGS - We have limited supplies of our own farm fresh eggs for sale. Chicken eggs are $5/dozen, various sizes and colours. Quail eggs are $5/two dozen. Muscovy eggs are $7.00/dozen.

HAY & STRAW - Alfalfa & timothy feed; oat straw for bedding and insulation.

WELDED WIRE PANELS for your farm, yard or garden. They are great for sheep, goats, pigs, rock retaining wall cages, trellis, tomato support and more. They are sturdy, but can even be bent to form a roof support. Inquire.

BEE SEAL leather/wood conditioner - a natural, Canadian product that provides great results.

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