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Natural, Local/Canadian Quality Products that we sell... links below

Available daily for pickup at our Masterfeeds shed - contact us to order.

Call or text:

Laura 204-995-8784

Dave 204-995-8484

Facebook messenger: Kenora Bed 'n' Bale


(for e-transfers), or debit (by appointment).

Pre-order & arrange your pickup day at 66 Cambrian - through our gate and left to the Masterfeeds pickup shed. We email you your invoice.


MASTERFEEDS for poultry, horses, goats, rabbits, wildlife and more. See photos for prices.

We also have shavings, livestock feed dishes, and some first aid products. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can try to get it in.

INUKSHUK PROFESSIONAL DOG FOOD - great dog food at great prices (see photo of price list. If it can fuel Iditarod sled dogs 1000 miles through the Arctic, it can fuel our dogs!

26/16 for puppies & average energy dogs

30/25 for high energy dogs

32/32 for very hard working dogs

Marine 25 for allergic/sensitive, high energy dogs

Marine 16 for allergic/sensitive, average energy dogs & pups

HAY & STRAW - Alfalfa & timothy hay for feed; oat straw for bedding and insulation.

Timothy small squares

Oat straw, small squares

Alfalfa 2nd cut, small squares

POULTRY - Spring orders for chicks and ready-to-lay pullets, poults, ducklings and more.

FEEDERS, WATERERS - we keep some stock and can get special orders.

All products are pending availability and prices are subject to change.  Watch for our future on-line store!

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