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Updated: Mar 5

So, we've been informed by techxperts that having a blog will boost our online presence and web traffic.

We'll play around with this, adding some random key words here and there, maybe some benign AI content. It will be an experiment to see if anyone reads blogs anymore. If they actually do, we'll share some real stories, tips and tricks.

Key words we're exploiting include:

Vacation cabin bunkie glamping camping campsite RV camper services outhouse outdoor shower farm stay book booking seasonal fishing learn to fish fish ON canoe kayak paddle board bike cycle bicycle fat tire hike hiking campfire firewood s'mores beach swim swimming horse pony mare gelding foal colt filly goat nanny doe buck billy sheep ram ewe lamb pig hog boar gilt sow dog cat duck duckling chicken rooster hen eggs chick incubator set turkey poult tom feed feedstore animal feeds grain chicken scratch hay alfalfa timothy bale straw shavings hunter birdseed wildlife deer birds compost recycle family families kids children activities crafts tourism paint night ladies weekend Kenora family vacation Hit the Hay birdwatching binoculars foraging mushrooms berries pickleball shopping wild rice hunting rowing swim run Mudskippers Borealis Multisport Experience Fishing beach paddling canoe kayak paddleboard hike bike eco snowmobile ski sled skate fatbike mountain bike showshoe snowboard leave no trace northern lights Vernon nature trails Hoopla Island Rushing River foodie food eat restaurants artist arts crafts museum art gallery history gold ATV shopping

How's that for a run-on sentence?

If you've actually read this, and would like to see some real content, share a reaction / comment!

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