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Experience Fishin' at Kenora Bed 'n' Bale

Well now, let me tell you 'bout Em's big day up at Kenora Bed 'n' Bale. See, it was one of them crisp mornings, birds chirpin' and all, when her pa decided it was high time she learned to fish.

They set off to Rabbit Lake with a campground canoe, poles in hand, Em all eager-eyed and a bit nervous, too. Pa showed her how to cast, how to bait the hook just right—none of that fancy stuff, just good ol' worms—and they sat there, quiet as church mice, waitin' for a bite.

Now, Em, bless her heart, she was patient as a saint, sittin' there, her feet danglin' over the edge of the canoe, watchin' the ripples in the water. Pa told her stories 'bout the biggest fish he ever caught, 'bout the ones that got away, 'til finally, there it was—a tug on her line!

Her eyes went wide as dinner plates, her heart racin' faster than a rabbit in a field. Pa hollered, "Reel it in, Em, reel it in!" And she did, with all the strength her little arms could muster. Sure enough, out came the prettiest little bass you ever did see, floppin' and flappin' like it was puttin' on a show just for her.

Well, Em squealed with joy, holdin' up that fish like a trophy. Pa grinned from ear to ear, all proud as a peacock. They took pictures, patted each other on the back, and then Em looked at her pa with them big ol' eyes and said, "Can we fry it up for dinner?"

That night, sittin' 'round the campfire, bellies full and hearts even fuller, Em told anyone who'd listen 'bout her big catch. And from then on, every time they came back for another vacation at Kenora Bed 'n' Bale, Em would nudge her pa and say, "Remember my first fish, pa? Remember how I caught it?"

And he'd smile and ruffle her hair, sayin', "Sure do, darlin'. Sure do." And that, my friends, is how a girl caught her first fish up at Kenora Bed 'n' Bale, makin' memories that'd last a lifetime. #ExperienceFishingOntario

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